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Automatic transmission problem on 1996 subaru legacy.Transmission

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Automatic transmission problem on 1996 subaru legacy.Transmission lurches during acceleration and hill climbs and lurches while accelerating through corners. Kind of acts like a CV joint but is not. Tire shop installed different sized tires on front than rear. Should i yard it and drop a five speed or is there hope?
Hi there!Do you still have the different size tires on it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No. I changed the tires and the problem lessened for a few weeks but is back now. The transmission acts normal as far as no slippage and shifting. It kind of feels like something may be slipping a tooth on a gear or something.
OK.It sounds like you may have more then one problem.Normally if the transfer clutches are going badwill feel binding on tight corners.That is because the rear wheels are turning at the same speed.The lurching up hills however could be something more like a bad spark plug under load.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It feels like it is coming from right under my feet when Im driving. The problem is definitely coming from the transmission or transfer case. Binding sounds like the best explanation for what Im feeling. Are there any clutch packs in the transmission or transfer case that may be binding? Will a fluid change fix this? Also Ive heard the drive for the transfer case is chain driven. Could the chain be slipping?
No chains.The transmission uses clutch packs for the awd.It is not uncommon for them to wear out after a while.Under the hood,I believe on the passenger side you should see a black box that hasFWD on it.You can put a 10 amp fuse in there and it will turn off the power to the solinoid for the transfer clutches.Put a fuse in and drive it a bit.If they are bad,the problem will go away with the fuse.This is how we test for the transfer solinoid and clutch packs.If you do it and it smooths out on turns,you have found the problem.This may have been advanced by the 2 different size tires in the rear.Give it a shot and let me know.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Success!! Thank you so much for the help!
You are very welcome!Glad I could help!Thanks for the accept!!