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Category: Car
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Experience:  40 year GM Tech. +30 Certified. ASE Master Tech.(expired, retired) Medium Duty, Heavy Line, Retired
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2001 Buick LeSabre: starts fires up then stalls..few seconds

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2001 Buick LeSabre usually starts right up, but occassionally it fires up then stalls after a few seconds, then won''t start at all. You never know when it might happen,- cold, hot, wet, dry, whatever. It''s happening a bit more frequently lately too. Had it towed to mechanic twice, but no codes came up on their computer, everything seemed to check out fine, and it started right up for them every time. They are long time in the business and are very good mechanics. When it''s not having this starting problem the car runs excellent. BTW, it has only about 39K miles on it.
You are going to have to narrow the problem down to see if it is a lack of ignition spark or a lack of fuel to the motor. The best way to go about it would be to buy a spray can of starting fluid and the next time it won't run, spray some of the fluid right into the intake, either through the air cleaner or some other way. If the car will start and run on the starting fluid, then we know it is a problem with fuel delivery and will need to run a pressure test on the fuel pump, etc. They are real critical about pressure and even when they do work if they are as much as 2 lbs under specs that can be enough to keep them from running. If the fluid makes no difference, then remove a couple of spark plugs and lay them of the motor so they are grounded. Connect the plug wires and have someone engage the starter while you watch the plugs to see if they have good hot spark to them or not. Then we will know which parts of the system to start testing on. If the car is running none of this will help, because everything will check fine at that time. We need to do this when it is in a no start mode. Let me know the results and we will go from there. At that time, I will need to know which 6 cylinder motor the car has in it also. Thanks
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