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wrench9124, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 3432
Experience:  GM Master Certified, ASE Master Certified, 32 years exp, GM Hybrid Certified, GM Mark of Excellence
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how to replace water pump 95 pontiac quad 4

Customer Question

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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  wrench9124 replied 8 years ago.

Hello, and welcome to JA!!! here is the instructions for water pump removal.



  1. Negative battery cable.
  2. Drain and recover coolant.
  3. Oxygen sensor connector.
  4. Upper exhaust manifold heat shield.
  5. Raise vehicle.
  6. Exhaust manifold brace to manifold bolt.
  7. Lower exhaust manifold heat shield.
  8. Break loose the manifold to exhaust pipe spring loaded nuts.
  9. Radiator outlet pipe asm. to coolant pump cover bolts.
  10. Exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold.
  11. Pull down and back on the exhaust pipe to disengage it from the exhaust manifold bolts.
  12. Radiator outlet pipe from oil pan and transaxle. If equipped with manual transaxle the exhaust manifold brace will have to be removed. Leave the lower radiator hose attached and pull down on the radiator outlet pipe to disengage it from the coolant pump. Leave the radiator outlet pipe hang.
  13. Lower vehicle.
  14. Exhaust manifold to cylinder head retaining nuts.
  15. Exhaust manifold, seals and gaskets.
  16. Coolant pump cover to cylinder block bolts.
  17. Coolant pump assembly to timing chain housing nuts.
  18. Coolant pump and cover assembly.
  19. Coolant pump cover to coolant pump assembly bolts.


  • All sealing surfaces.


NOTE: Prior to installing coolant pump read the entire procedure. Pay special attention to the tightening sequence to avoid part damage and to insure proper sealing.

  1. Coolant pump cover to coolant pump assembly and install bolts hand tight.
  2. Lubricate splines of coolant pump drive with Chassis Grease GM P/N(NNN) NNN-NNNNor equivalent and install pump and cover assembly.
  3. Cover to block bolts hand tight.
  4. Pump to chain housing nuts hand tight.
  5. Lube "0" ring on radiator outlet pipe with an anti-freeze solution and slide pipe into coolant pump cover install bolts hand tight.
  6. With all gaps closed, torque in sequence as follows:
    1. Pump assembly to chain housing nuts.
    2. Pump cover to pump assembly.
    3. Cover to block, bottom bolt first.
    4. Radiator outlet pipe asm. to cover.
  1. Exhaust manifold and new gaskets.
  2. Exhaust manifold to cylinder head retaining nuts. Follow the tightening sequence and tighten to specification.
  3. Raise vehicle.
  4. Index exhaust manifold bolts into exhaust pipe flange.
  5. Exhaust pipe to exhaust manifold.
  6. Turn both bolts in evenly to avoid cocking the exhaust pipe and binding the bolts. Turn bolts in until fully seated.
  7. Radiater outlet pipe to transaxle and oil pan. If equipped with manual transaxle install the exhaust manifoldbrace.
  8. Lower heat shield
  9. Lower vehicle.
  10. Exhaust manifold brace to manifold bolt.
  11. Tighten the manifold to exhaust pipe nuts to specification.
  12. Upper heat shield
  13. Oxygen sensor connector.
  14. Fill radiator with coolant until coolant reaches heater hose coolant outlet then install hose (this assists with complete cylinder block fill) then continue fill.
  15. Negative battery cable.


  • For leaks.


wrench9124 and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you. one question. When the water pump is remove from the timing chain sprocket could the sprocket fall in the case or is it supported with bearings. Bill
Expert:  wrench9124 replied 8 years ago.
no worries, the gear is held in place by a bearing. on the newer version there is a different repair procedure. but on your's no worries at all