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1994 saturn: fuse block..battery light..dome light..cranked

Customer Question

1994 saturn sc1 won''t start and lower half of fuse block inside dead, battery light won''t clear after key is turned dome light or cranked twice and died...after that it just turns over without starting
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  GM-Frank replied 8 years ago.



I need to ask a couple of questions.

What is the 8th VIN character?

I need to know if it's a SOHC for DOHC 1.9L engine.

Can you explain about the dead fuse block. When you checked with a test light, there was no power to the lower fuses?

And when you say battery light won't clear, after key is turned on? I'm not sure I understand. The battery light should remain lighted until the engine has started and the charging system shuts it off.

Please help with this and we'll see what all we need to check



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the 8th vin number is XXXXX is a sohc engine...the dome light and radio doesn't work now started a couple of times and went it turns over but won't was running fine before that...everything up to the radio fuse is hot...from that point on everything is dead in the fuse block...all fuses underneath the hood are still hot...
Expert:  GM-Frank replied 8 years ago.


Do the windshield wipers work?


Expert:  GM-Frank replied 8 years ago.



I am going to supply you an answer.

In the underhood junction block, you need to verify that the 30amp Ign4 fuse is good.

If no power at the IGN fuse, I'll need to back trace to possible fuse link.

If If 30a fuse is good, your next step is to access your ignition switch. Check for battery voltage at the Red and White wire at the Ignition Switch. Then turn the switch to the run position and check to Brown wire at the switch to see if you have good strong battery voltage.

While at the Ignition Switch, you'll also want to check the Pink Wire while key is in Run position. That pink wire feeds back to the Underhood Junction block for PCM and Injector Power.

The Ignition switch feeds several circuits.

I'm concentrating on what you tell me is dead, and it should lead us to the no start too.

If the brown wire has low or no voltage passing through the Ignition switch, the we need to replace the Ign. Switch electrical and recheck our system.

You may also want to turn the key to the run position and check for 12volts at an Injector harness terminal. and then with a noid light, verify Injector pulse while cranking engine.




The simplest test is to see why the radio isn't powering up.

All signs point to a Ign. Switch Problem.

Make the first checks and let me know.

Have a Great Day




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i know the headlights work...didn't check wipers though...all fuses under the hood checked good...
Expert:  GM-Frank replied 8 years ago.


If the wipers don't work, go directly to the ignition switch.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to GM-Frank's Post: the # XXXXX fuse was blown...i was checking the # XXXXX fuse like you said and decided to check them says it's the maxi fuse for the ABS...what could have caused it to blow...i have know idea why itwould have thoughts were in a whole other direction...thanks
Expert:  GM-Frank replied 8 years ago.


That ABS fuse goes right into pin A of the ABS Electronic Control Unit.

That circuit passes through the ABS Enable Relay.

For the AntiLock Brakes operation.

Could be a problem developing within the ABS control or possibly a Wire rubbed through the insulation between the ABS fuse and the Control Unit.