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How does one remove the front wheel bearings on a 2000 Saturn car?

Resolved Question:

How does one remove the front wheel bearings on a 2000 Saturn car?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Shawn replied 8 years ago.

You are on the right track, usually these bearings need to be pressed out on a hydralic press or with a bearing removal tool. Here is the procedure for your Saturn.


FRONT SUSPENSION -2000 Saturn SC2 Page 1 of 1



NOTE: If hub or wheel bearing is removed from steering knuckle,
install a NEW wheel bearing.


1.Remove steering knuckle and hub assembly. See STEERING KNUCKLE & HUB
ASSEMBLY . Remove ABS wheel speed sensor from steering knuckle (if
2.Assemble following components from Wheel Bearing/Hub Remover/Installer
Kit (SA9159S): hub driver, hub driver screw, bridge retainer and
bridge. See Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 . Clamp entire assembly (by bridge) in a
3.While holding hub driver using a wrench, tighten hub driver screw to
extract hub. If inner race of bearing is pulled out along with hub,
remove inner race from hub using following kit components: inner race
puller, 2 bridge retainer plates, 2 bolts and 2 flat washers. See Fig.
4 . Replace hub if area on hub where bearing rides is pitted, scored,
worn or corroded.
4.Remove steering knuckle from vise. Remove bridge retainer and bridge
from steering knuckle. Remove bearing retaining snap ring. Place
steering knuckle in shop press with knuckle support tube and small
5.Press out bearing. Lightly sand steering knuckle bearing bore if
pitted, scored, worn or corroded. If light sanding does not correct
these conditions, replace steering knuckle. After sanding, remove
residue with soap and water, flush with clear water and dry with
compressed air. After drying, oil lightly.


1.Set new bearing into steering knuckle bore. Press in bearing. Place
steering knuckle and hub into press. Press steering knuckle onto hub.
2.Install bearing retaining snap ring. Install ABS wheel speed sensor
onto steering knuckle (if equipped). Tighten sensor bolt to
specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Install steering knuckle
and hub assembly.

Fig. 2: Assembling Wheel Bearing & Hub Remover/Installer

Fig. 3: Extracting Hub Assembly

Fig. 4: Removing Inner Race From Hub


You didn't specify model so I used SC2. Other should be the same.







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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I had wondered if the bearings were to be removed seperately, one out one side and the other out the other side, but from your instructions, both come out the one side. Thanks