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About how much does it cost to put a new engine in a 98 ...

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About how much does it cost to put a new engine in a 98 Ford Expedition? And at how many miles would you recommend doing this? And what other major parts need replacing if I am going to keep the car over 140,000 miles? I am enjoying no car payment but have a lot of traveling to work and am trying to figure the cost per mile to keep the ford. Thanks.
I would not just replace a part because of how many miles I would think I will put on it.I actually have a better idea for you.Lets say a new Expedition would cost $600 per month (I don't know it is just a number) .I would open an account and put about $250-300 per month in the account every month.As needed repairs pop up have them done.If you reach the end of the vehicles life without a major expense you know have a good sized down payment on the next new or newer vehicle.If you still would like to know approximate engine I will provide that to you.I will say if taken care of I see no reason it would not last 250,000 miles.I see vehicles like that every day on the original engine,trans and drivetrain.
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