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Brian W.
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99 Grand cherokee 4x2: shop..Dealer says..225,000 km

Customer Question

99 Grand Cherokee 4L w AC, I have replaced rad fan twice at $700 a pop and fan relay 4 times at $140 through dealer and repair shop. Dealer says rad fan draws 25 to 30 amps and solid state fan relay craps out when fan motor starts to draw too high of load as it gets older. I have 225,000 km on vehicle. I noticed that while traveling down the highway no matter what temperature outside the rad fan cycles, even if -30 outside. Load draw is high as headlights flicker and heater fan slows momentarily when rad fan starts. The defrost or AC is not on, the temp guage reads normal, infact I have driven the vehicle 60 mi without the rad fan operating and at anything above 20mph or so the temp guage reads normal {approx 100 deg C} Dealer offers no explanation on the frequency of repair on fan relay or fan motor. All is fine now however I expect in another year I will have to replace again. I am considering using a secondary relay to handle the rad fan load but don''t think that gets to the cause.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Brian W. replied 9 years ago.

Hello, sorry to hear about your re-occuring fan problem. The fan is designed to come on even during cold temperatures. This feature is for disapating condensation built up on the radiator. The solid state relay behind the front facia, has been a problem for chrysler from the beginning. They have revised this relay several times but ultimitly fails.

I would completely check all the wiring for corosion, also fill up the relay connector and the fan connector with di-electric grease. A poor contact or corroded wire will overload the circuit.




I hope this helped if so an accept is appreciated

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brian W.'s Post: Hi Brian, thank you for your time in reviewing my problem. Based on your reply and experience it would appear that all I can do is keep paying the repairs. Thx for the wiring schematic, thought that current would go down and resistance would go up as connections get dirty.