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Parked..a hot day the car wont crank.I have had the ews..drives

Customer Question

When The car has been parked and I return to vehicle on a hot day the car wont crank.I have had the ews antenna replaced and the starter solenoid replaced.The only way to start the car is to wait usually 6 -10 hours and the car cranks ,starts and drives like nothing ever went wrong. The problem is definately related to something failing due to temp - but ??
It is an intermittent problem and I cannot make it happen for the workshop however I seem to be getting no closer to the solution.All the diagnostic codes collected show nothing related except a vanos issue - this shouldnt stop the engine from at least cranking.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  roger replied 9 years ago.
Hello,One of the best test to do and to eliminate or repair the problem is making sure you have twelve volts going to starter.If you do then you know it is a faulty starter creating a hot start problem.Thats why usually you do replace the solenoid but a starter can heat up which makes the armature lock against the housing magnet.If you dont have any voltage then make sure you have current at the starter relay under the hood.You should have a black box with fuses and relays and it will be marked on the lid for location.The relay could be faultythis helps.thanks for your question.Roger
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Problem has now been isolated to an intermittent fault in EWS - car is off the road for last 3 weeks waiting on part from Germany to replace EWS - Computer gurus will repace mechanics in the future