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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited: a faulty fan, or a bad blower motor

Customer Question

I have 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited,My heater and air conditioner works sometimes.Do I have a faulty switch, a faulty fan, or a bad blower motor? Am I looking at a costly fix? I would like to gain as much info on my situation before I go to a shop?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  vipertech763 replied 9 years ago.

Good evening, are you saying that the blower motor stops working? If so then the most likely cause will be a melted wiring harness connector at the blower motor controller. The proper repair will be replacing the blower motor, the blower motor controller and the wiring connector at the blower motor controller. It isnt a cheap repair. It is a common concern that I have personally seen numerous times. You can wiggle the blower motor controller connector and get it to work momentarily. Here is some more info related to this concern:


Blower motor connector repair


(AZC Blower motor inoperative or intermittent operation)


side airbags


This is a common failure on 1999-2004 WJ models with the AZC (Automatic Zone Control) system. The connector on the blower motor control module overheats, resulting in intermittent or no operation of the blower motor. Mopar released a connector harness repair kit to fix the problem. The damaged connector is cut off and new wires are spliced into place. Only the green wires from the kit are used. One end of each of the 3 green wires goes into the new connector end that is provided. When inserting the wires into the connector, the locking spring tabs should be on the bottom. There is a gray plastic retainer that is then installed around the three wires that were just inserted into the connector. The part number for the kit is 05102406AA and the MSRP is $16.00.


side airbags

Blower motor wiring repair kit # XXXXX

The cause for this failure may be the motor, or blower wheel assembly. Debris from the environment may attach to the wheel causing additional weight, and drag on the motor. If the motor is worn from age, the effort to operate the motor could cause high current draw. Verify current draw with an amperage meter. Amp draw should be approx (13-17) amps when blower is operating on high mode


side airbags

Blower motor control module location (below glovebox)

Alternative repair method

Some owners have elected to repair the wiring by soldering wire splices directly to the terminals inside the blower motor control box and not using a connector.

side airbags

Direct wiring repair



The blower motor cost about $180.00 and the blower motor controller cost about $130.00. Some of these prices change.

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