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Toyota 4runner: I want to check and add automatic transmission fluid

Customer Question

I want to check and add automatic transmission fluid on a 05 toyota 4runner how do you do it
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  david replied 10 years ago.

hi thank you for your question hope this helps.

the 2005 Toyota 4 runner does not have a dipstick like other automatic transmissions. to check the tranny fluid level you need to remove the refill plug on the side of the tranny. here are the steps to check the level.


The fluid temperature must be between 46C (115F) and
56C (130F) to accurately check the fluid level.
(a) Remove the overflow plug with the engine idling.
(b) Check that the fluid comes out of the overflow tube.
If fluid does not come out, proceed to step 7.
If fluid comes out, wait until the overflow slows to a trickle and
proceed to step 8.

(a) Install the overflow plug.
(b) Stop the engine.
(c) Remove the refill plug.
(d) Add 0.4 liters (0.42 US qts, 0.35 lmp qts) of fluid.
(e) Allow the engine to idle and wait for 10 seconds.
(f) Proceed to step 6.

(a) Install the overflow plug with a new gasket.
Torque: 20 NVm (205 kgfVcm, 15 ftVlbf)
(b) Stop the engine.
(c) Install the refill plug with a new gasket.
Torque: 39 Nm (400 cm, 29 ft lb)

This transmission requires Toyota Genuine ATF WS.
It is necessary to refill the transmission with the correct
amount of fluid.
The vehicle must remain level while adjusting the transmission
fluid level.
On vehicles equipped with active suspension, turn the
suspension control switch OFF if it is necessary to jack up
the vehicle with the engine running.


Fill the transmission through the refill hole until fluid begins
to trickle out of the overflow tube.
Reinstall the overflow plug.

If you cannot add the listed amount of fluid, do the following:
Install the refill plug.
Allow the engine to idle with the air conditioning OFF.
Move the shift lever through entire gear range to circulate
Wait for 30 seconds with the engine idling. Stop the engine.
Remove the refill plug and add fluid. Reinstall the refill plug.