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1999 300m: Chrysler..these Diagnostic codes came up

Resolved Question:

I have a Chrysler 1999 300m and these Diagnostic codes came up. P1494 and P1698 what do they mean and how can they be fixed? Can they be fixed with out going to the dealer? Please be specific
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  david replied 10 years ago.

thank you for the question hope this helps.

P1494 Leak Detection Pump Switch or Mechanical Fault.
your car has a vacuum pump that checks the tank and EVAP system for leaks to make sure those horrible gas vapors aren't escaping into the air.
this code can be set by either a bad pump, a bad switch, a leaky vacuum line.

The Leak Detection Pump (LDP), LDP Filter, and EVAP canister are attached to a common support bracket. This support assembly is located to the rear of the right / rear tire under the plastic wheelhouse liner (EVAP CANISTER / LDP LOCATION). The LDP filter is also located near the EVAP canister (DISCONNECTING ORVR VAPOR LINES). The LDP and LDP filter are replaced (serviced) as one unit.

Remove right/rear tire/wheel.
Remove wheelhouse liner at right/rear wheel.
Remove vertical support bracket (EVAP CANISTER / LDP LOCATION) to gain access to 2 ORVR vapor lines.
Two vapor lines connect the fuel tank to the EVAP canister and Leak Detection Pump (LDP). This connection is made near the right/rear corner of the fuel tank. Carefully disconnect these 2 vapor lines (DISCONNECTING ORVR VAPOR LINES) near top of flow management valve. Be very careful not to bend or kink the vapor lines. If lines leak, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) will be set.
Remove common support bracket assembly (COMMON SUPPORT BRACKET ASSEMBLY) containing LDP pump, LDP filter and EVAP canister from vehicle. While lowering this assembly, disconnect LDP electrical connector (COMMON SUPPORT BRACKET ASSEMBLY) at LDP pump. Do not allow the assembly to hang from the wire harness.
Carefully separate hose at bottom of LDP filter.
Carefully remove vapor/vacuum lines at LDP.
If necessary, remove LDP filter mounting bolt and remove filter.
Remove EVAP canister from common support bracket by removing 4 nuts (COMMON SUPPORT BRACKET ASSEMBLY).
Remove 3 LDP mounting bolts (LDP MOUNTING BOLTS) and remove LDP from support bracket.

P1698 No Bus Message From TCM
Oh boy! You've got a good one!
Set condition: No bus message received from the TCM (tyranny control module) for 20 seconds. It must fail 2 times to set a code.
Possible causes:
PCI bus unable to communicate.
F-12 fused ignition switch output open. (blown fuse)
Intermittent condition.
PCM failure
this could also be a lose connection to the transmission check the wires and connections to the Tanny..

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