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i am replacing power steering pump on 2002 chrysler ...

Resolved Question:

i am replacing power steering pump on 2002 chrysler town and country. i would like to know the steps in doing it
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  autodoc_2000 replied 11 years ago.


  1. Remove the (-) negative battery cable from the battery and isolate cable.
  2. Remove the wiper module (unit).
  3. Raise the vehicle.
  4. Remove the drive belt splash shield.

  5. Remove the pressure hose routing bracket bolt.
  6. Lower the vehicle.
  7. Remove cap from power steering fluid reservoir.
  8. Using a siphon pump, remove as much power steering fluid as possible from the power steering fluid reservoir.

  9. Disconnect the pressure hose from the pump.
  10. Disconnect the fluid supply hose from the pump.

    1. Remove the three front mounting bolts through the pulley
    2. Remove the pump (with pulley) through the engine compartment rocking it over the aluminum bracket.


  1. Install power steering pump back in vehicle using the reverse order of its removal through the engine compartment of the vehicle.
  2. Install the power steering pump on its mounting bracket.
  3. Install the 3 front power steering pump mounting bolts. Tighten the 3 front power steering pump mounting bolts to a torque of 54 Nm (40 ft. lbs.). NOTE: Before installing power steering pressure hose on power steering pump, inspect the O-ring on the power steering pressure hose for damage and replace if required.
  4. Install the power steering fluid pressure line into the pressure output fitting of the power steering pump. Do not fully tighten tube nut at this time.
  5. Install the power steering fluid supply hose on the power steering pump supply fitting. Be sure hose clamp is properly installed.
  6. Raise the vehicle.
  7. Install the routing clip on the engine for the pressure hose and tighten fastener.
  8. Install the serpentine drive belt.
  9. Install the drive belt splash shield.
  10. Lower the vehicle.
  11. Tighten the pressure line to pump pressure fitting tube nut to a torque of 31 Nm (275 in. lbs.).
  12. Install the wiper module (unit).
  13. Connect the negative battery cable on the negative battery post.
  14. Fill and bleed the power steering system using the Power Steering Pump Initial Operation Procedure.
  15. Inspect for leaks.

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