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1996 saturn: have a transmission control module?thanks

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thanks,i have a 1996 saturn automatic transmission,sometimes the trans.shift hard,go for days shifts fine.what does this sound like?does this car have a transmission control module?thanks jimmy

Optional Information:
1996 Saturn sl2 4cyc

Already Tried:
changed fliud and filter

This is one possibility that may be effecting your car. A dealer can test for codes to see if this a possibility. The pcm controls the transmission. Hope this helps. Please click accept for me. Thanks

Harsh Shifts, No shifts, and/or No TCC Operation with or with out Transaxle Related DTCs Set (Replace Transaxle Connector and Harness)

1994 - 2001 Saturn S-Series vehicles with automatic transaxles


Harsh transaxle shifting and/or erratic transaxle shifting. One or more transaxle-related diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) may have set. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may or may not be illuminated depending on what DTC is set. The malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may or may not be illuminated depending on what DTC is set.

One or more of the following DTCs may or may not be set and indicate what circuits are affected:


Circuit Affected

Wire Color

P0740 - TCC Solenoid Circuit Low Voltage P0741 - TCC System Stuck Off

- 1526

Tan/Blk Wht/Blk

P0746 - PC Solenoid Circuit Low Voltage

Circuit - 1525 Circuit - 1530

Red Drk Blu

P0756 - Shift Solenoid 2 Control Circuit Low Voltage P0732 - Incorrect 2nd Gear Ratio

Circuit- 1526 Circuit - 1222

Wht Lt Grn


P0761 - Shift Solenoid 3 control Circuit Low Voltage P0733 - Incorrect 3rd Gear Ratio

Circuit - 1527 Circuit - 1223

Lt Grn/Blk YelL/Blk

P0766 - Shift Solenoid 4 Control Circuit Low Voltage P0734 - Incorrect 4th Gear Ratio

Circuit - 1527 Circuit - 898

Lt/Grn Ppt

P0789 - Shift Timing Solenoid Control Circuit Intermittent



For all DTCs listed above, if one specific solenoid DTC is set, diagnose those DTCs first.


Due to normal powertrain vibration, the transaxle wiring may flex and cause a circuit to open inside wire insulation near transaxle connector. In some cases, insulation will look distorted at point of open circuit.


Perform procedure in this bulletin to replace transaxle connector (P/N 21024415).


For intermittent or difficult to duplicate transaxle shift complaints, perform this procedure to verify transaxle wiring integrity.

.Object Number: 865479  Size: SH

Remove air inlet duct.

Open clamp at throttle body

Disconnect fresh air hose at air duct.

Remove air cleaner housing cover and air duct.

Remove battery.

Remove battery tray.
Object Number: 863627  Size: SH

Loosen transaxle electrical connector bolt and disconnect transaxle electrical connector.

Disconnect transaxle range switch connectors.

Remove electrical tape from wiring harness from transaxle electrical connector to main engine harness approximately 20-25 cm [8-10 in.]).
Object Number: 877706  Size: SH
If wires are broken inside insulation, outside of insulation may appear to be thin in one area, stretched or discolored.

Visually inspect circuits associated with DTC. Inspect wires for damaged or deformed insulation from transaxle electrical connector to main engine harness (up to 25 cm [10 in.] away from connector).

If there is visual evidence of wire damage and the location of the open circuit can be identified, continue with next step.

If there is no evidence of wire damage, physically inspect each wire by sliding fingers along entire length of wire and feel for abnormalities or depressions.

If wire damage is located during physical inspection, continue with next step.

If no wire damage is located during physical inspection, continue to step 10.

Once location of open circuit is identified, replace transaxle connector in its entirety (all ten circuits) with replacement transaxle connector (P/N 21024415).

Cut transaxle connector circuit branch within 38 mm (1.5 in.) of main harness to ensure any other possibly affected circuits are repaired. Discard transaxle connector.

Remove insulation from ends of cut wires and new transaxle connector harness. Recommended strip length is 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) for 12-20 gauge wire and 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) for 22 gauge wire so it can be folded in half. Care must be used when stripping wire to prevent cutting the wire strands.

Using a Saturn-approved crimp and seal splice sleeve (found in terminal repair kit J44020), position stripped ends of wires in sleeve until wires hit stop.
Object Number: 880456  Size: SH

Hand crimp splice sleeve using correct jaws in Packard crimper (P/N 12085155) or appropriate crimping tool. Gently tug on wires to ensure they are secure before applying heat to seal sleeve.
Object Number: 862382  Size: SH

Apply heat using Ultratorch ® or heat gun. Heat to 175° C (347° F) until glue flows around edges of sleeve.

Check for continuity in the wire and verify the repair.

Object Number: 863627  Size: SH

Connect transaxle range switch connectors. Connect transaxle electrical connector, and torque transaxle electrical connector bolt.

Transaxle Electrical Connector Bolt: 3 N·m (27 in lb)

Clear DTC(s) and retest.

If a DTC is reset, refer to diagnostic aids in appropriate model year Automatic Transaxle service manual and continue with next step.

If no DTCs are rest, go to step 15.

Clear DTC(s) again.

Check for intermittent circuit fault. Wiggle harness near connector while performing diagnostic test on affected circuit.

If DTC sets, refer to appropriate diagnostic flow chart for circuit number identification. diagnostic flow Continue with next step after diagnostics have been completed.

If DTC does not set, refer to diagnostic aids in appropriate model year Automatic Transaxle service manual for intermittent conditions. Continue with next step after diagnostics have been completed.

Using high quality electrical tape, re-wrap transaxle connector circuit branch from main harness breakout to connector.

Install battery tray.

Battery Tray-to-Vehicle Bolts: 10 N·m (89 in lbs)

Install battery

Battery Terminal Bolts: 17 N·m (13 lb ft)

Object Number: 865479  Size: SH

Important: Illustration shown is for DOHC engine (RPO LL0); SOHC engine (RPO L24) is similar.

Install air inlet duct.

Install air duct and air cleaner housing cover. Attach air cleaner housing clips.

Install clamp at throttle body.

Air Cleaner duct-to-Throttle Body Clamp:2 N·m (18 in lb)

Connect fresh air hose to air duct.



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