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why does my signal fuse keep blowing

Customer Question

My turn signal keeps going out. I check the fuse and it's blown. I have taken it to a shop and they change out the internal signal in the steering column,they changed out the flash box, they claimed that they looked at all of the wiring. I have paid over $450.00. They can't get the fuse to blow.As soon as I get the truck back it blows after I use it about 3-4 times. I keep changing out the fuse. It was lasting a few days. I would use the turn signal only when necessary. Now it's worse. I'm changing it everyday. It's blowing almost immediately after I use it. what is the problem?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Marc replied 11 years ago.

The problem is you have a short in the turn signal system

You have to approach the problem logically. As you stated it is blowing almost immediately after I use it. Is probably wrong it is blowing while you use it .

The first thing to do is see if it is one side or the other or both sides, that is causing it to blow. This Will help narrow down what portion of the system the problem is in.

Post back with the info on what exactly is happening when the fuse blows It is also important if the steering wheel is always make the same movement at the time the fuse blows.

Please include the year make and model of the vehicle

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Marc's Post: It will blow if I use left or right. I will turn it on, it will flash then it's out. Sometimes I will turn it on and it won't light up at all. The steering wheel is always straight when I turn the signals on,because I turn it on before I start into the turn (left or right). I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer.
Expert:  Marc replied 11 years ago.

That narrows things down considerably, the short is the fuse box and the turn signal switch.

Your truck uses a specail flasher witch is grounded I would check that first if thats not causing the problem you have to check the wires running from the fuse box to the flasher (2)

the orange and yellow wire is for the turn signals

the red and white wire is for the hazard flashers

Then check the wires coming out of the flasher

one is light blue for the turn sig.

the other is white and red for the flashers

Follow these wires to the plug on the steering colunmthey should have been replaced from there up if they did replace the turnsignal switch

My money is on the flasher, if the short was after the flasher it probably would never flash.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
my bill states that they inspected all of the wiring and the turn signal flasher relay was replaced. Is this the problem that you are referring to,or is this something else? I paid $211.10 at that time and I drove the truck and used the signal 4 times before it went out.
Expert:  Marc replied 11 years ago.

yes the flasher is what I was talking about I didn't realize that it was replaced Knowing this I would say every thing from the fuse box to the turn signal switch is suspect at this time.

there could be a pinched wire inside the column but if it blows when using either direction it is at or before the switch it can't be anything after the switch.

Should you require any more adice just post back or private message me.