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I own a AVIC-8200nex radio. I hav my iPhone 6s connected to

Customer Question

I own a AVIC-8200nex radio. I hav my iPhone 6s connected to USB 1 and a iPod classic connected to USB 2 along with RBG. I did this so I could use car play on my iPhone.
Everything works great audio wise but I am unable to view videos from my iPod. Manual shows connecting the usb from the RBG to USB 1, but since USB 1 seems only to work for CarPlay I had to connect it to USB 2.
I have gone thrust all the settings, I can here the video but see no picture
Any Ideas..???
By the way I am using RBG port since I am trying to get my steering wheel mod to work and that has me connecting to the aux port
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Car Electronics
Expert:  ElectronicsPete replied 10 months ago.

Hi Todd,

First, try updating the firmware on the AVIC radio and also the iOS software on the iPod to the latest version available.

Let me know if that helps?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I did that first thing.Do you know this Headunit? This is more of a configuration issue.Is there someone that can help me with experience with the AVIC 8200nex?
Expert:  ElectronicsPete replied 10 months ago.

Let me check for you..