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I want to review a lawyers bill under the Legal Profession

Customer Question

I want to review a lawyers bill under the Legal Profession Act. I see that I must register my complaint within 3 months but do I also have to serve the lawyer a copy of the appointment within 3 months? I can not find that information anywhere in the information the court gave me for guidance. Specifically I must serve the lawyer today if I am to meet the 3 month deadline, though the appointment is not for another month. I am hoping I can serve him next week and not miss work to do it. This would still give him over 3 weeks notice of the appointment. Thanks for any assistance.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 8 months ago.

According to the Part 8 of the Legal Profession Act you have to serve the lawyer with a copy of the appointment at least 5 days before the appointment date.

Here is a link to that Part of the Act:

You should call the court to confirm.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
That doesn't really answer my question. I have read the Act and understand the notice prior to the appointment but need to know how the 3 month time limit is applied. The Act does not specify that part. I read in a article that if the bill is unpaid you have up to 1 year to file a complaint but that if the bill was paid only 3 months. I need to know specifically how that time line is applied. I don't want to miss my opportunity because I needed to both file the complaint and serve the lawyer notice prior to the 3 month date. I asked at the courthouse yesterday but they said they could not give me advice and provided me a copy of the procedure booklet, which also does not answer my question. My question does not relate to how much notice the lawyer needs to receive but rather within what time frame must I give notice before my option to do so expires.
Expert:  Debra replied 8 months ago.

You have to get the appointment within one year of the bill being rendered unless you have paid it and if you did pay it then you have to get the appointment within 3 months of paying the bill or whichever comes first.

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