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I need to get a regain of capacity as there is a treatment

Customer Question

I need to get a regain of capacity as there is a treatment order over difficult decisions in my separation from my husband. Feb 10 to now was chaotic with recognising my husband is a sabatoger to my health and well-being trying to make me a wreak for his obvious to me sabatoging. I will seek someone who can do this assessment but I need to have all of the information withheld from me by two parties, my husband and his people who put loyalty to him ahead of truth, and my worst party ever, estranged sibling who believes that to act authoritarian over me, dictating and denying me information is the plan that can continue if I am correct in her being a part of the picture, but a biased part due to her beliefs and seeing only a little of the problems my ex has put me through, as well as perhaps not giving my ex the picture of what I was put through via hex based on indicators that were inaccurate. I'm needing a demand letter for all information to be given to me so that I may answer in a grievance on the actions against me all throughout my pregnancy and recently again of being drugged for pressuring my ex to be honest on his sabatoging. How does a demand letter work and how do I get all of the information I am seeking urgently for my court case where my husband has said I have this unstability and that he did not cause it and he denies all of the things he said and did to remove any trust in him. I thought that if I gave it to him first, he would give this back to me and then learned that he has been playing me to get our son, reduce alimony and further to keep me perceived as unstable. I control my reactions, yet in being made powerless and also abused by his verbal actions I have been wanting him to fess up. Instead he is committed to this destroying me and having me pay alimony. I cannot leave here because this is where my son is and I am needing all of the information withheld from me from November to now and to ensure that neither my ex nor nearest relative is "my person" for SDM or specified decision maker. I asked the office of the public guardian to temporarily take this over for me, they are unable unless I am without capacity and suggested I get a document to sustain that I have regained capacity (schedules 3,4,5 I am told are this area) until I have this information, I am unsure that an independent would be able to understand my situation and I think I should be responsible for getting this information. I am aware that I am not alone in my household re ppl assessing and treating, and this involves intellectual property? (eyes, ears and training of ppl to do this even maybe in mental health law) I need to have the assessment of my now ex husband and the hynpo-actions to make him state the evil that needed to be exposed but I do not have this yet. It did occur. Perhaps this even involves rigourous research and development in this field. I do not know what to call it except harm, in the forms of private nuisance, undue influence, omissions causing harm, collusion and now I want the information regarding my ex that was exposed. Very complicated. I see the influence to probe him as very helpful to me in revealing his distain for me and course of actions to sabatoge me, using the triangulation of the type of parties involved to see me as unstable instead of recognising his harm to me and my need to have him speak his abuse to heal (I now see that he never will to me, so the probing of him is essential in my regaining my position from being manipulated to empowered to explain why I was distressed (his trying to get marriage annulled turned into ttrying to make me needy for the truth and reactive to his abuse as unreasonable or unfit as he will not admit to his self professed plan to destroy me for trying to leave and have me pay him to raise my son.) I need help to reveal all that occurred in this bubble of my world where I was isolated, violated and made powerless.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Please remind me of your province. Also, please be sure to rate all of my answers so I can continue working with you.

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