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Madam At the advice of a close friend I am inquiring as to

Customer Question

Dear Sir/Madam
At the advice of a close friend I am inquiring as to whether I have any recourse. Thank you for your time and advice in this matter. I will try to keep this brief.
Between 1976 till 1996 I worked for The Cal***** *****di-Bus association. I am not sure of the exact time period in the mid 1980's. While lifting a 300 pound plus patient up a number of stairs into her home. I suffered an intervertebral disc herniation. WCB put me through a number of different therapy programs with little success. After spending time in and out of hospital with severe pain in the lower back and numbness in the legs resulting in several falls. I was referred by a Doctor( ? )at the old Holy Cross hospital to a back specialist by the name of Dr Thomas at the Foothills hospital, he did some test and told me that I was a good candidate for a new procedure (now discontinued) Chemonucleolysis with chymopapain. For the most part it was a moderately successful treatment and I was able to return to work within a few days.
Over the years I have had sporadic episodes of back pain which would last a few days. I was told that if the operation was unsuccessful the next option was spinal fusion. Having known a couple of people who had disasters' consequences I decided this was not an option for me. Since then I moved into less physical management positions. When I suffered with back pain I treated it with non-conventional options such as acupuncture, massage therapy and over the counter pain relief.
The last couple of years it has progressed that I have needed the use of a walking cane and have learnt to live with chronic pain. In September 2015 I was let go from my manager position at work (Termination without cause) They refused to give me a reason just a severance package and a hand shake. I believe I no longer suited their corporate image because of the cane use.
I am having considerable difficulty in finding employment and my EI benefits expire in March.
Would I still have any recourse through WCB after all this time I am six years away from retirement?
Your advice in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Martin B Roberts. (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Are you thinking that you were actually dismissed because of your disability?

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