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We have a Landlord who was also my spouses business partner,

Customer Question

We have a Landlord who was also my spouses business partner, he bought a condo for us to live in so we were tenants. Not only this but we became quite close with him and his family going on trips and such.
My spouse made a business decision to go elsewhere for work and our Landlord/friend took great personal offense to this. He scheduled an "Inspection" of the condo and we agreed, my spouse was supposed to be there but he was held up at work so only I was available to be present for the inspection. prior to the day of inspection he sent text messages one calling my spouse a "little bitch" and said to him "we will have our time haha," threatening him. In the past he has bragged about having "connections" to people and groups.
When he showed up for the inspection he had two guys with him, one being a large tattooed and bald guy, very intimidating, and when he saw that my spouse was not present, he questioned me about it, I knew right away he had brought this guy with him for a reason, and had intended on my boyfriend being there. We did the inspection, and left. We then received a Breach Letter for all these different things, his way of telling us to leave. We disputed this as the Tenancy Agreement was never signed properly. Then we received a 30 day and 10 day to end tenancy notice. We also disputed these, ONLY to give us more time to find accommodations.
Now, 10 days before we are leaving, my boyfriends friend and work partner was working at a job and this landlord/friend found out where it was through a roofing material supplier that they both use. The same intimidating guy who he brought with him during the inspection showed up at my spouses friends job site asking for my spouse, when he couldn't find him there he threatened the friend and said "you tell them they better be out of there right away im not someone you want to be messing with and that he will show up there if we don't."
We are afraid for our safety, this man has a key to our place and we don't know who he might give it to. he has denied the threats to the cops.
OH and this landlord of ours has a lengthy criminal record including multiple assault causing bodily harm charges.
My question is, do we have a case against him to sue for moving costs, harassment, damages, etc. We have never provoked him in ANY way, we always have ignored his messages and comments, which I think is provoking him anyways.
We want to do something because this man is ruthless and it isn't right, just wondering if we have any kind of case before I go hire a Lawyer. We are in the lower mainland in BC, any Lawyer recommendations for something like this is welcomed.
Thank you in advance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Was this a fixed term lease!

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