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I have been informed by the police that they are investigating

Customer Question

I have been informed by the police that they are investigating allegations of a sexual nature emanating from the school that my daughter attends. I have not been given any information whatsoever, this happened yesterday around 2pm and they do not want me to be in contact with my wife or my kids. So my family slept away last night. Today they have asked me to leave my house so that my family can return and that I should stay away from my house and not try to contact them. What are my rights and what would I do in this case. Do I not deserve to be informed about the exact nature of the allegations, is there a time frame to which they can keep me away from my family, I am worried about my other kids who are not aware of why they can't see me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.
What you should do is retain a criminal lawyer at once.Then you may also need to retain a lawyer that does child protection cases. But that would be premature at this point.There is no time frame in terms of when they can say you may be near the children. They will most assuredly give you the details if you are charged but do not need to do so until they have finished their investigation. At this point they will be interviewing others who are involved in your family.You should be getting legal advice from a criminal lawyer before you make a statement to them. That is your right.Your other kids may be aware of what is going on as they will be interviewed as well.