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Jeremie John Martin
Jeremie John Martin, Lawyer
Category: Canada Law
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Experience:  I'm a bilingual attorney for the province of Quebec who goes to Court often for many clients.
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I have a neighbour who is vandalizing my property (I have video

Customer Question

I have a neighbour who is vandalizing my property (I have video proof) by doing small but annoying things. Very recently I caught dumping 'water' from washing her car and tires onto my tree and grass. I don't know what the contents of her water are, could include, other than soap, ingredients that damage or kill my tree or grass. There are many other examples of her behaviour over the past 3 yrs. how do I handle this situation now. I have kept the police out as her son is an SQ officer and the one time I had to call the police, they decided not to do anything as soon as they found out he was an SQ officer. Do I call the police? Do I consult a lawyer? Do I start by sending her a letter w pics fm the grass/tree situation and then go see a lawyer? I want my home to be peaceful. Having to worry ab her behaviour each day is disconcerting at the very least. Plus my tree is 20 yrs old.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Jeremie John Martin replied 2 years ago.
I'm a Quebec lawyer.
Indeed you should definitely hire a lawyer in order to send to your neighbor a formal notice Including all the facts and proof accumulated against her .
If her conducts persists it will be justified and easier to sue her in court and make a claim for damages and also ask for a permanent injunction against her .
I hope my answer sends you in the right direction.
I'd be glad to answer follow-up questions. If and when we are done, please remember to kindly rate my service before exiting the site so the site can release the portion of the funds you already paid that go to the expert.
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