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I am a divorced father with two teenage children, my ex-wife

Customer Question

good afternoon. I am a divorced father with two teenage children, my ex-wife lives in Quebec. we were divorce in 2010 and I was ordered to pay my wife $600.00 per month child support. I did pay her all what I was ordered plus I paid all expenses, holidays and clothing for my kids plus I was depositing $200.00 every month to buy lunch at school.
the family support in Quebec contacted her few times and told them I have been making the payments on time and more. however couple of years ago I received a letter from FRO claiming I owe child support. I sent letters to the case agent and called him numerous times(More than 10 times daily for a week) with no reply then sent a letter explaining. the end of 2015 I received a letter claiming I owe something like $39000.00 plus for child support. I was furious and starting to call the agent#55(Cory) who is the one handling my case. again I tried calling tens of times, I asked my boss to call I thought maybe they will answer him with no results. when I did not get any results, my ex-wife went to her lawyer firm and asked them to draw a letter saying that she received all the child support money(this letter it cost me $500.00 I paid for it from a loan my brother gave me), I sent the lawyer letter and my previous letter I sent to agent #55 and still no response. the problem is I am a construction worker and I need a truck to do my business but I could not buy a truck because the FRO rgister a default payment for $39000.00 on my record so no finance company will give loan. at the main time I could not secure my mortgage to buy a house for me and my two kids who now live with me neither I can rent aplace because of my record. I am very frustrated and confused. I paid my ex-wife all the money and more and she is willing to testify to that also she called Quebec office and told them about it and still I am ignore by this agent and he wont answer me. I do not know where his office is or how to contact his superiors. please please help me to solve this problem. my son moved with me in the summer of 2014 and my daughter moved in with me this summer to continue her education in Ontario yet FRO still sending me letters saying I need to pay for both kids as well I am in arrear for $39000.00. please tell me what to do.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 11 months ago.

Are you saying the FRO is enforcing this for Quebec or did your former spouse file the order with the FRO?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
FRO is enforcing this my ex-wife does not agree with FROand she is on my side and did sign a lawyer letter saying I don't owe her anything
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 11 months ago.

I understand that but I am trying to determine how the FRO became involved.

Did she file the order with the FRO or did she file the order in Quebec and they contacted the FRO?

Expert:  Legal Ease replied 11 months ago.

I am sorry but I cannot speak to you on the telephone. I know the site offers this service but the site is based in the US. In Canada the rules of my law society prohibit me from speaking to you on the telephone as you are not my client.

I can only speak to you by posting up and back over this site.

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