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Daniel Freudman
Daniel Freudman, Lawyer
Category: Canada Business Law
Satisfied Customers: 1215
Experience:  Lawyer
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Freudman please answer: In which province are you?

Customer Question

Daniel Freudman please answer : In which province are you ?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Canada Business Law
Expert:  Daniel Freudman replied 1 month ago.


Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I am from BC. Are you interested to answer questions concerning the general proceeding of a court case and questions about a possible opinion of a judge ? I am a self represented litigant, have a friend who is helping me with my court case and if necessary, I can ask a lawyer for help against payment, in the case, we are helpless. Whatever happens in my case is anyway dependent on the judge, although I deal only with evidence: building scheme, pics, videos. With my last statement I mean, that a lawer from Ontario could answer my questions too, because I cannot find a BC lawyer on that website. It depends also on your personal preferences (whatever reason you have, to be here on that website) if you would like to answer to my questions. I thank you in advance for your time to read the above lines.
Expert:  Daniel Freudman replied 1 month ago.

Thank you for your inquiry. I can do my best to assist you with basic legal information, though you must be aware that the Rules of Civil Procedure may differ in each province. My knowledge of court procedure is largely confined to Ontario. However, I do have experience in dealing with judges, and if you're okay with information that may apply to your case (but may also be slightly askew given any possible procedural differences between the courts across the provinces), then I'm happy to assist. I will offer a phone call as that's probably the best way to discuss all your questions.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you for your cooperation.During the following days I will prepare myself for the CPC (case planning conference) on Oct. 5, 2016. It will take my a while until I will have documented a short summary and questions for that conference.
Could you pls. tell me , when you would be available online/ time frame ? How long can the telephone-discussion be for Can $ 79 ? My intentions: I will send you the questions via this website before our telephone discussion.
Expert:  Daniel Freudman replied 1 month ago.

Asking the questions over the phone may be easiest. In terms of time-frame, I am generally available from 9am EST to 12:00am EST. That being said, my schedule is different every day in terms of court times, client meetings, etc. So best method is likely just to call and if I don't answer send a text requesting I call you back, and I will do so first chance I get.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you. I will come back to you, as soon I will be ready to talk to you.

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