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6.12 Mary Beth Marrs, the manager of an apartment complex,

Customer Question

6.12 Mary Beth Marrs, the manager of an apartment complex, feels overwhelmed by the number of complaints she is receiving. Below is the check sheet she has kept for the past 12 weeks. Develop a Pareto chart using this information. What recommendations
would you make? S6.11 Twelve samples, each containing five parts, were taken from a process that produces steel rods. The length of each rod in the samples was determined. The results were tabulated and sample means and ranges were computed. The results were:
a) Determine the upper and lower control limits and the overall means for x-charts and R-charts. b) Draw the charts and plot the values of the sample means and ranges. c) Do the data indicate a process that is in control? d) Why or why not? S6.20 Jamison Kovach
Supply Company manufactures paper clips and other office products. Although inexpensive, paper clips have provided the firm with a high margin of profitability. Sample size is 200. Results are given for the last 10 samples: a) Establish upper and lower control
limits for the control chart and graph the data. b) Is the process in control? c) If the sample size were 100 instead, how would your limits and conclusions change? S6.23 The school board is trying to evaluate a new math program introduced to second-graders
in five elementary schools across the county this year. A sample of the student scores on standardized math tests in each elementary school yielded the following data: Construct a c-chart for test errors, and set the control limits to contain 99.73% of the
random variation in test scores. What does the chart tell you? Has the new math program been effective? S6.27 Meena Chavan Corp.’s computer chip production process yields DRAM chips with an average life of 1,800 hours and s = 100 hours. The tolerance upper
and lower specification limits are 2,400 hours and 1,600 hours, respectively. Is this process capable of producing DRAM chips to specification? S6.35 One of New England Air’s top competitive priorities is on-time arrivals. Quality VP Clair Bond decided to
personally monitor New England Air’s performance. Each week for the past 30 weeks, Bond checked a random sample of 100 flight arrivals for on-time performance. The table that follows contains the number of flights that did not meet New England Air’s definition
of “on time”: a) Using a 95% confidence level, plot the overall percentage of late flights (p) and the upper and lower control limits on a control chart. b) Assume that the airline industry’s upper and lower control limits for flights that are not on time
are .1000 and .0400, respectively. Draw them on your control chart. c) Plot the percentage of late flights in each sample. Do all samples fall within New England Air’s control limits? When one falls outside the control limits, what should be done? d) What
can Clair Bond report about the quality of service?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Calculus and Above
Expert:  Ryan replied 2 years ago.
Thank you very much for requesting me. I regret to say that I will not be able to help with these particular problems and will have to opt out of this one. Hopefully another expert here will be able to assist you with this and will reply to you soon.
With regret,

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