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Which one of the following is not an assumption of the binomial

Resolved Question:

Which one of the following is not an assumption of the binomial distribution?
a. Each trial results in "success" or "failure"
b. The experiment consists of n identical trials
c. The probability of success changes from trial to trial
d. Trails are independent of each other
e. Each trial results in one of two mutually exclusive outcomes.

In the rare event approach to making a statistical inference, if the probability of an observed sample result under a given assumption is ___, then we have ___ that the assumption is false?
a. large, strong evidence
b. large, little evidence
c. small, strong evidence
d. small, little evidence

A standard normal distribution has a mean of ___ and standard deviation of ___?
a. zero, zero
b. zero, one
c. one, one
d. one, zero

Which two distributions are useful in analyzing queues?
a. Binomial and normal
b. Normal and exponential
c. Poisson and normal
d. Poisson and exponential

The binomial experiment consists of n independent, identical trials, each of which results in either a success or a failure and the probability of success on any trial is the same

If two events are independent, then the probability of their intersection is represented by?

The rule of complements is represented by?

Which of the following is a valid probability value for a discrete random variable?
a. .2
b. 1.01
c. -.7
d. all

The MPG for a mid-size car is normally distributed with a mean of 32 and a standard deviation of .8 What is the probability that the MPG for a selected mid-sized care would be less that 33.2
a. 43.32
b. 6.68
c. 93.32
d. 86.64
e. 13.36

The mean and median are the same for a normal distribution
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Calculus and Above
Expert:  Chirag replied 5 years ago.

Hi, Welcome to Just Answer


Here are the answers ...


(1) C


(2) C


(3) B


(4) D


(5) True


(6) P(A) * P(B)


(7) P(A') = 1 - P(A)


(8) A


(9) C


(10) True



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