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I keep hearing bad things about the Northstar engine V8. What

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I keep hearing bad things about the Northstar engine V8. What is the real story? I want to buy an older Deville or Eldo ( 1995 to 2000) but I am afraid to buy a NorthStar Engine. For that matter how reliable is the Standard 4.9 Engine?

These engines are great when they are running but seems to be a lot of work to fix. The main thing that seems to go out is the headgasket around 100k miles and its a huge job. The reason why they have so many problems is they are a 300HP high performance engine with aluminum heads. The best thing to do is have the person you are getting the vehicle from allow to have you go through the car I would order a compression test should be around 165 PSI if they are not up to par pass. I own one right now that has bad rings its a 1999 sts with 99k miles but this was because the previous owners negligance of not caring for the car. Let me know if this helps.. Thanks!
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