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I failed an iid start test twice, once at around 1am then I

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I failed an iid start test twice, once at around 1am then I did not attempt again. I waited until a few hours had passed and tried again at 11:30am and also failed. Both lockout were for 15 minutes. What consequences am I looking at?
The standard court order imposes no penalty for failing an IID start test. However, if the order provided that you could be eligible for a shortenant probationary period, then the failure would eliminate that possibility.

Note: Your question was posted in the California Employment Law category. I'm not sure if your question was related to your employment, because there's nothing directly applicable. However, if you have a specific employment law question, please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello, thank you for the response. I'm sorry it ended up in the employment section but it was supposed to be a general question. Also to clarify, I meant to say what are the consequences of my driving privileges as a result? I had read somewhere that there was 3 failed attempts allowed after each calibration.
The court may have ordered something specific related to your "third failure" question -- but there is no statutory automatic license suspension.

The standard court order makes it a violation to fail three times to follow a maintenance or recallibration requirement. Callibration must be done at least once every 60 days -- so, three failures to obtain a recallibration during that period of time could result in the court revoking probation and ordering jail time.

Hope this helps.
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