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Unemployment insurance in California

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I filed a unemployment insurance claim with Ca.(EDD) on 4/3/12. On 4/13/12 I received notice via form DE429 that my unemployment insurance award is from funds made in January of 2011 . This is a small amount of $. My intent was to file a claim for funds made in the 1st quarter of 2012, which was a much larger amount. I was confused about the so called base period. As a result what I got and what my intent was were two different things. I tried to call to inform them of the mixup, however it is impossible to get thru by phone as the lines are never open ( I have tried to call hundreds of times with no success) I went online and found I can ask EDD questions on line. I went online and informed EDD that my intent was not to file a claim for funds made in 2011 and that I need to cancel this claim ( this was 4/19/12 ), and I was given a reference number. I recently received a reply from EDD that I can not cancel this claim due to the fact that they funded my EDD debit card as of (4/19/12). I feel as though I responded as quickly as possible to the error, The system at EDD is so backed up, it is essentially not functioning in a proper manner. At this point what do I do. Do I give up and take the small amount of $. I can not refile another claim for a full year if I can't cancel this one. I can not call ( I tried ) I'm looking for work,however until I find something it is crucial I get my present claim canceled so I can re-apply for the greater amount in July if necessary. I totally could not understand the base period and alternate base period which is why the mixup happened. Before I even filed I tried to call EDD to ask questions but could not get thru. What a system !! I went online again to ask if someone can arrange to call. Any suggestions ?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation and hope I can help.

Unfortunately, the based period is the last fifteen months, discounting the most recent 3 months (or the last quarter), so the amount that you earned in 2012 would not be counted in determining your benefit amount.
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