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I work in California. I received an evaluation from my manager.

Customer Question

I work in California. I received an evaluation from my manager. In the evaluation, she stated that I need to sign up for web-training at least twice a year. The following week, we had a sales meeting which was a phone in meeting. All sales staff were present on the teleconference. My manager directed this question to me "Dan, per your evaluation, you are required to sign up for web-training, when do you expect to do this". My question is this a breach of confidentiallity? I think it is because she stated my name and asked in front of the others a question referencing my evaluation. I have taken this to my HR department and they stated that because everyone had the same web-training notation in their evaluation, that the manager had the right to say it directly to me in a group meeting. I responded that evaluations are confidential we would have no way of knowing that the others had this in their evaluation. If this was the case, then she should have made a general statement such as "dont forget to sign up for web-training". Instead she specifically said my name and per my evaluation. This left me feeling embarassed and degraded in front of my co-workers. Am I correct that this was a breach of confidentiality and if so, what can I do about this since both the HR manager and the owner of the company dismissed my complaint and said to not be so sensitive.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: California Employment Law
Expert:  Joseph replied 5 years ago.

Unfortunately, no, your manager's actions do not constitute a breach of confidentialiaty, although it would have been nice for her to be more considerate and not to specifically address your evaluation in front of other emloyees.

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