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Asad Rahman
Asad Rahman, Attorney
Category: Business Law
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I was working for a LLC Senior living home and had recently

Customer Question

I was working for a LLC Senior living home and had recently quit. The owners decided to accept my resignation immediately 3 days early because they believed I had cancelled the services of a hairdresser coming in to hurt their business (which I had not). Three days later I get a cease and desist letter from this employers attorney stating while employed at this senior living home I created a fake Facebook page and cancelled several of their vendor services amounting to a breach of duty of loyalty to this employer, fraud, identify theft, and a tortious interference with businesses relationship with vendors. The letter demands that I immediately cease and desist all communications with any residents or prospective residents of this facility and vendors as well as cease malicious and defamatory actions and comments toward this employer. Attorney states failure to follow demands will cause him to notify local authorities to pursue criminal charges and initiate a civil suit seeking damages to the full extent of law. The truth is I do have a Facebook page with made up name but have had it for many years before I began employment with involved employer. I use this page when dealing with non family members so not to disclose personal details. I have used this page to buy and sell and also to seek employees for this business. I did use this page to notify volunteers that their activities would be cancelled for now as our volunteer coordinator had quit and our home office was going to start coordinating calendar. The only activities that I cancelled were those that had been brought in by an ex employee that had requested they be cancelled. No vendors were contacted. No derogatory info was shared with anyone. The cease and desist letter was sent regular first class mail. Should I be concerned or just ignore this? I hate for them to think I did something that would hurt the residents. I wanted to be able to visit the residents, can they stop me from sending packages to residents?
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 5 months ago.

I am sorry to hear that. I think at this point if you are not engaging in any of the conduct that they are alleging then you should be free and clear. I would advise you to change the facebook name and be sure to disassociate that facebook profile with their business.

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