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I hope this gets you well. My boyfriend and I are not having

Customer Question

Hello, I hope this gets you well.
My boyfriend and I are not having a good relationship. He has been with another man for over 25 years and I have been with him 7 years, yes, he is a narcissist by the book and it comes with all the lies, manipulations and cruelty. While we were together he opened up a home store with a business partner. After about 3 years they already have 5 stores and 2 pop up stores. I have my little company of Olive Oil, however different than him I don't have millions of dollars and I still haven't had money to do my own bottles. So about 2 years or so ago, I had the idea of creating their store an olive oil brand.
I had the oil and he could design the bottle and we would be ready to go. It was established that we had our first
product together. Everything was fine and he always paid me ahead of time so I would have enough money to produce the bottles and do everything calmly.Last October, I had the idea of adding the balsamic vinegar to our line, it would be our second product together, he paid me ahead of time as always but I did not deliver anything until today. Why? Because I was being mistreated by him, I was left bruised twice, I was mentally abused many times, during the entire time I was going to therapy, I could not work, I had nightmares and it was a horrible situation.
About two months ago, things were kind of ok so I called him and he would never answer, I went to his office when he started to scream and say things that I can't repeat. I turned my phone on to record he calls his business partner to come down, she knows the entire situation and she knows he had had a partner while having me and she states on my recording that she knows he had hit me many times. Anyway, she asks me to leave and she says for him to find someone else. That made me crazy because she is kind of covering for his abusive and aggressive behavior. Anyway, I leave and while going to my car he says I am not welcome there anymore, NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE. I call his business partner and I say, listen, you guys know I am the only one in my company so I can't deliver anything.
Now, they opened up a store at the Hamptons this summer and I have not yet communicated, I knew they had olive oil in stock and I have not delivered the vinegar, after almost 10 months.
They emailed me couple weeks ago canceling the orders and said I don't owe than anything.
Now, my question is: can they do the same bottle they designed for us with somebody else? I feel like they wanted me out of this despite the aggressive behavior and everything else, maybe because of his partner of 20 something years?
He stated many many times in many emails and texts that he was my only client.
I don't even know how to deal with this but I feel the abuse continues since now they are still going to sell the products we created together for their brand and I am left with my little company empty handed.
I am not even thinking about my nightmares and me left bruised many times.
Do I have rights?
Thank you so much,
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Business Law
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
By the way we don't have any contract we have many email and text exchanges that I would not do private label to anybody else and they would not raise the price to the consumer without paying more, which they did once without paying more and I talked to him and to his partner and they put the price back to what we agreed. It was a nightmare the situation. I feel hurt and yet again abused because as he says I don't have money to sue him for him hitting me or in business. I have been no contact since he said I am not welcome anymore.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I felt after re reading this is confusing so:
1- he had me for 7 years while having a partner for 25 plus years
2- yes they can do it and I did not notice for a long while
3- we created the product together for his store with his store logo and he would buy from me, private label
4- he left me bruised many times
5- he and I decided to do balsamic vinager
6- continues the abuse, his business partner covers him up
7- I cut contact
8- they cancelled the orders
Get it?
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Hello: This is Attorney Phillips. Welcome to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your post, and I will post my response very shortly.

Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Thank you for the clarification.

You have raised several issues and asked very broad question about rights.

Could you be specific?

What are your specific questions?

Thank you for your cooperation,

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
My question is:
I did a private label for him, olive oil and later vinager. I did not deliver the vinager because of the abuse. Now they canceled the order and they are doing "our" private label product with someone else. They can claim that I did not deliver but I did not deliver because he left bruised twice and humiliated in front of his employees.
What is my right?
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Thank you for the information.

If you do not have a written contract regarding the private label, you would not have any legal recourse.

If you have a written contract, you can sue him for breach of contract. You can use the following sites to find local consumer Attorneys:

As for the abuse, you can file a Police Report against him.

Kindly give a positive rating to my response so that I can receive credit for responding to your post. That’s the way that I get paid for answering questions on the site. There is no additional cost to you for giving a positive rating.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I dont have a contract as I said
We have all the email exchange and the texts
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 9 months ago.

I understand that you had indicated that you do not have a formal contract. However, a contract does not have to be a formal agreement. Your e-mails and texts could be used to show that you have an agreement regarding the private label and thus he breached that agreement by letting another person handle it.

If you do not have any other concerns, kindly give a positive rating so that I close this thread.

Thank you!