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I trade stocks for a living. live in the Netherlands, but need

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I trade stocks for a living. live in the Netherlands, but need an American broker. But i can't open an account if i'm not an US-resident. is opening an DBA the solution? And is it possible to open an DBA from the Netherlands?


You would need to create a corporation in a U.S. jurisdiction (typically Delaware). As a separate legal entity, the corporation can open its own account under its own tax identifier.

The problem with this is that the taxes that would be levied on the corporation would be unreasonable, because the U.S. Government heavily taxes what it calls "personal holding companies" which are solely investment vehicles, such as you would require.

You may want to consider contacting Interactive Brokers. They have numerous worldwide affiliates, and they are a deep discount brokerage with extremely flexible and high-speed trading tools. Maybe they can help you through their Netherlands affiliate.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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