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fgjd, Attorney
Category: Business Law
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Customer Question

Dear Attorney, I SELL A VERY UNIQUE FORM OF ADVERTISING Advertising built into restaurant tables permanently. I have three contracts involved that I need looked at, commented and fixed. The restaurant contract is between me and the restaurant (sponsor) The advertiser’s agreement is between me and the advertisers for the tables The Manage Your Qr agreement is like an addendum to sell extra’s on the advertiser’s contract. ==================== ============================ A little background First we survey the area to find a popular privately owned restaurant, then we convince that restaurant owner that he needs new tables, and we will supply the tables FREE. Custom made tables with the design of his choice in the center, and every table can be different. We will put approximately 20-30 ads of various sizes, on the table tops, all the way around. Sometimes we sweeten the deal, by giving the restaurant cash also,$300, $500 or $1000 or offer them a few thousand “take-out” menus with advertising. We will put the same ads that are on the table, on the take out menus. The total value of the tables, menu’s, etc, can average upwards of $10,000 or more   The company I started with about 8 years ago, supplied us with the contracts, and more. I went on my own about 5 years ago. I assumed the contracts were written by an attorney. I found out recently they were OBVIOUSLY NOT and it cost me dearly. After looking at contracts for different types of restaurant advertising, (place mats, bulletin boards, etc. I made some changes to mine. i will forward my contracts for looking over, when i receive a response to this and knwo where to send them.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business Law