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Pension Denial Possibility Question: I may soon be eligible

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Pension Denial Possibility Question:

I may soon be eligible for a pension from a job I held in the 1970s. I left that job under a pre-Whistleblower status: I was reporting the employer to authorities for regulatory agency violations and was fired. I am concerned that somewhere in my records there they will find a note saying "Screw this guy!" and will seek to misinform me about my pension benefits. I believe the pensions are at least partly, perhaps totally, farmed out to a source beyond the employer at this point. Does such a worry seem realistic or likely? Do employers (the employer was a college) do such things? What course might be recommended for me if I suspected such a thing? And finally, I'm almost 62 and have NOOO idea how pensions work: is it generally likely that I should be worrying about this at all yet, or do pensions never kick in before people hit 65?
Your pension summary plan would describe the vesting requirements. You can get a copy of the summary plan from the plan administrator,

The Department of Labor would take a very dim view if an employer withholds a vested pension from an employee and could assess sanction s against the employer.
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