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As a small business self employed, I got email from client

Resolved Question:

As a small business self employed, I got email from client saying "we are authorizing absolutely no more work at this point." They put a stop on my project where I did so much work in a project at a discounted fee pursuant to contract. This client response seems to read they do not want me to provide IT support and want to break the support contract. What should I reply back to them to clarify in legal terms re- 1) they stopped the project as soon as we were ready to rollout and show the fruits of our labor( its like building a car in a garage then using the argument why should I pay I don't see a new car on the road), 2) they appear to want to break support contract, how do I call them on it? 3)"pursuant to the contract I gave them discounts" that but if they break contract I want the full price for my services w/o discounts and remainder of 1yr support.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Attorney Arcadier replied 4 years ago.

Attorney Arcadier : You are only entitled to what your contract says you are entitled. If they breach contract, then you have a right to receive damages for the breach. If they are about to breach the contract, then you send them a letter explaining that what they intend to do constitutes a material breach, and if they choose to break the terms of the agreement, you will have no choice but to assert your rights.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I worked up my hrs and in invoice discounted it thinking we were in good stamding and i want to build telationship. But after i learn they want to stop my work, i dont want to give the discounts and want to be paid for the work i did. Do i have that right?
Expert:  Attorney Arcadier replied 4 years ago.
No. Your rights exist only contractually. So, if that is not covered by your contract, and they have not violated the terms of the contract by ending the relationship, then you can not take away the discount.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
the contract states hrly rate. i only decided to add %30 discount as a "customer satisfaction" issue. The client already agreed to pay my hours and I just in good will while writing up invoice decided to discounted it. But now that I learn this is not the case, I want to refer back to contract hrly rate. Can I?
Expert:  Attorney Arcadier replied 4 years ago.
not for hours which you have already discounted in an invoice. You mean for future invoices?
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