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In my social networking media campaign for my business. I

Resolved Question:

In my social networking media campaign for my business. I regularly scan the latest headlines for current health care industry news. I copy online news articles that are of interest to my business or my clients, as long as I do not see any disclaimers that I cannot reproduce, distribute or copy the article; and paste them onto my company's website RSS Feed, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as well as an online marketing website. I always include the author of articles' name and any production information (if any printed), as well as links that are embedded in the original article.

If there is a disclaimer, I will copy the tag line and post the link to original article but I do not copy the article in its entirety.
I wanted to make sure this is legal and that I won't get sued later on down the road for reproducing, distributing, etc.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  kattorney replied 5 years ago.

Kathie Russell : Hi, you are posting material that may be copyrighted and you could be fined if caught. Many people assume that articles that are online are in the ppublic domain, but this is not the case. Having said that, there are some sites that allow you to make use of their material so long as proper credit is given. Unless specific permission is given you should assume you cannot use it. There are sites such as that expressly permit all the material to be used. Also, you can search for materials available under a creative commons license. If there is any doubt, and absent specific authorization to do so, you should not use online articles. Here is a link with additional information about this: Let me know if you have other questions about this.
Expert:  kattorney replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I hope my answer to your question was helpful. I just noticed that you haven't accepted my answer yet. You've already paid a deposit. However, I'm not paid until you "Accept" my answer. If my response wasn't what you needed, please review my answer and tell me why by clicking the "Reply to Expert" button. That way I can help you better, or find another Expert who can. To accept my answer, please go to the question page and click the "Accept Answer" button. Thank you for using JustAnswer.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Kathie, I tried to accept your answer the day you sent it but there was a glitch in the system. I spoke with Customer Service the next day and they were going to fix it and assured me it would be done within a couple of hours and it wasn't. I just wanted you to be aware of the delay. Also, I wanted to ask you how organization's who publish online can fine someone for sharing their articles if they offer share links to social websites, such as facebook, linkedIn, google, twitter, etc.?


Thanks for your help.


Expert:  kattorney replied 5 years ago.
Good question. If they offer share links, clearly you can share to those sources. However, there is a distinction - sharing on a Facebook page as social media is different than publishing on a website where you conduct commerce or stand to somehow make a profit. The difference is a fine line, but an important one. There is no opportunity to profit from Facebook, but your business website is another matter. Again, a slight distinction but an important one.
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