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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
Category: Business Law
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Questions would be: 1. What is the best way to turn case in

Customer Question

Questions would be:
1. What is the best way to turn case in to authorities?
2. Are there any civil options still open?
3. Can I get any money if the Feds prusue this?

Case Background:
Possible Claims: Affinity Fraud, Ponzi Scheme, Bankruptcy Fraud, RICO treble damages, perjury, obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy, income tax evasion, Fraudulent transfer,Financial institution fraud,

1998- I invested $200,000 in a Restaurant-C- LLC for 15% immediately the other two partners (who were close friends-- GP-A and GP-B) moved the funds to their other partnership Restaurant-B-LLC.

RES-B-LLC had each partner contributing $200,000 for 25% equity. In my case, RES-C-LLC, that part of the operating agreement was deleted. No one else contributed any capital- not what I expected. Initially I wanted to invest in RES-B-LLC. I was told by GP-B that RES-B-LLC was closed to investors.

2000- RES-A-LLC, which was formed by GP-B in 1996 goes into bankruptcy. GP-B who is worth $10M flees the country, transfers assets and files Bankruptcy in 2003 with $400,000 in credit card debt plus Millions in Personal Guarantees. GP-B removed from RES-C-LLC.

2003- GP-A sells stock to and adds GP-C to RES-C-LLC forces me out through Buy/Sell Agreement.

2004- GP-A and GP-C sell RES-C-LLC to landlord. Landlord stops paying on Furniture Fixture and Equiptment. Finance Company goes after me for personal guarantee.

2004-2007- Landlord hires GP-C and maybe GP-A to manage restaurant.

2006-- I filed a lawsuit for Breach of Fiduciary responsibility, Fraud in inducement of the contract,

2007- GP-C buys restaurant back from Landlord. Restaurant never changes name throughout process.

2008-- I settled with GP-B who received a favorable ruling from the Judge. However the Judge's decision - which I should have appealed-- was based on perjury in the GP-B's

Notes-- GP-B failed to produce numerous documents asked for in discovery. GP-C deposition reveiled that 42 boxes existed in a storage locker. Documents there showed that previous statements made by GP-A and GP-B were perjury.

The "loan" to RES-B-LLC was repaid to RES-C-LLC from the profits from a different company owned by GP-A- which is money laundering. We found the tax statements of GP-A showing he declared an address in Florida to avoid state income tax from his home state of New York, we discovered notes written by GP-B on how to transfer GP-A's assets prior to filing bankruptcy.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
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