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Hello kirk, Its Kelly again, how are you myself very scared.

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Hello kirk,
It's Kelly again, how are you myself very scared. I'm going to my meeting tomorrow with their attorney and of course I do not havin anyone representing me. My question is how should i go into meetin and what would you suggest I allow to happen I really do not want to sign anything, Do have to? I mean they want me resign that contract which at the way it stands I think is kind of shady with everything else they've done. what do you think

Hi -


The meeting is voluntary, so you don't have to say anything, agree to anything or sign anything. In fact, I would recommend that you not sign anything presented to you without having an attorney review it. Hopefully, your contacting the bar assn. will result in locating an attorney to help you out in reviewing any documents presented.


I would recommend that you go and mainly listen to their side of the story/position, tell them that you'll consider their position, that you'll be in touch and leave.


Then take this information to an attorney and try to get some insight into resolving this.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The only thing that concerns most is that they want me to resign this contract and have threatened to charge me with all kinds of attorney fee and stuff if i dont sign. Then they'll take me to court which I too know, that isn't really where they want to go because then I've got them. Everything would come out I'd make sure of it!
You have a right to review the documents and have an attorney review the documents before you sign.
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