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My wife & own and operates

Resolved Question:

My wife & own and operates s small manufacturing facility out of our home. We primarily contract with very high end home interiors desingnners to manufacture window top treatment, drapes, pillows shams, just about evrything having to do with staging a home for sale, or providing new interior for clients. About 75 % of our business is sub-contracting from designers and new home developers for new home staging. The remaing 25$ our home owners that we deal directly with. Jan 2009 we were contacted by (edited name), we have subcontracted for them approx. 5 or 6 times over the previous 3 years. On January19,2010, we met and the clients at there home @ 1PM. We mainly spoke to the Mrs. at the home; she was doing the actual design, purchase of material and hardware for the drapes she was planning for. We were to do all the measuring, fabrication and installation. As a rule working with Joretta, all cost were to be run by her and she would consult with the client. We discovered that the clients were going to purchase the fabrics at our cost and would purchase their own hardware.We did not realize that part of the project would also consist of ready made drapes that needed to be shorten and spliced.We agreed to the project with some reservation, their were delays due to wrong hardware and the work done on the ready mades cost more to fix than cutom drapes. The project final install was on May 1st, 2010. I personally contacted (edited name) on her cell after my partner I and had completed an extra install that was not part of the original plan, my conversation was short, she asked and reminded me about the invoice; her instruntions were not to give the invoice to the client, which I didn't and that we will get togther in the next day or so to pickup the invoice and drop off the check. After a couple of days (edited name) did not contact me, and it turned out to be a very game of telephone tag. To this day she has not made any effort to contact me, I've called and called to the point where she was not answering my calls. On July 1st, 20111, I sent a a certified letter to (edited names) summarizing the outstaning balance for the project that was completed on May 1st, 2010 I did receive a call from (edited name) on or about July7th or 8th, nothing was resolved, she kept bring up a check that was owed to her for a special Designer event in Scottsdale, according to (edited name), (edited name) was very clear on her position on ddonating work. We personally did not have a pronlem with her anwere,it was not our show. Again on Sept 16th, 2011, another certified letter as sent to (edited name)  as well as to the clients (edited name);. As of Oct.3rd, 2011, have not heard back from (edited name). Just fyi....I had spoken to (edited name), he had no idea who our company was his recollection was only writing a check(s) to (edited name) for the amoint of $ 1,445.00. As it turns out this check had nothing to with our company , the check was made on Jan. 20,2010. When I spoke to (edited name) during the summer of 2011, He doen't recall the invoice for our work or a check; the reason for not having this information is (edited name) never called so that we could rendeveu or come to our house which she did on a regulsr basis. Like everyone in the trades, we need our money plus interest. Thank you.  (edited for privacy)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 5 years ago.

I'm not sure what you're waiting for. If it were me, I would have filed a lawsuit in small claims court after the bill was 60 days late.

See this link for a list of small claims courts.

Hope this helps.

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