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Howdy Buddy, Im a consultant and a programmer who invents

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Howdy Buddy,

I'm a consultant and a programmer who invents and creates online products. Personal consultation is the core business of my personally owned LLC. Now, I want to sell my client lifetime membership that allows him/her to add a link of a checkout of her/his product that's checked out via one or more different online trusted payment systems/processors. What happens is that my LLC gives him/her a logo or a button that shows a high quality assured and identified trademark name that says, e.g. "Customer checkout ". When a customer of my client click that logo, a pop-up window shows up a certificate with the following seal:

" LifeTimeCustomer Seal of Checkout Appreciation "

" LifeTimeCustomer Seal of Checkout Appreciation is a seal for appreciating a checkout process against its product, so the product becomes more trustful, acceptable, and valuable. ", owner defined.

The Seal is all about the ease of home business, internet deals, work home, internet money making, sales increase, quality marketing, etc..

What you're going to receive as a seller is our company LifeTimeCustomer Seal of Checkout Appreciation.

To the best of our knowledge, the Seal appreciates the following for the buyer:

1. Security: The product is sold over a secure process.

2. Acceptance: The product is acceptable as a subject for sale.

3. Resolvability: The product is disputable and money can be back.

And the following for the seller:

1. Trustfulness: The product is appreciated to be sold over a secure process.

2. Marketability: The product is appreciated to be acceptable as a subject for sale.

3. Merchantability: The product is appreciated to be disputable and money can be back.


Security -> Trustfulness
Acceptance -> Marketability
Resolvability -> Merchantability


creating a good trade environment for product, consumer, trader, and us who deserve a payment for that service or lifetime membership...

1# XXXXX does that need a business permit ?

There is already a company, a trademark, and a website that offers the seal

2# XXXXX you advise another word in place of, " Appreciation " ?

Kindly, let me know!

Customer CEO.
Thank you for the post, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. No, it would not need a business permit but the use of the word appreciation is a bit awkward. Rather than appreciation, could you use approval (i.e.Customerapproves of the merchant's processes)?
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