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Can non-MD have ownership in medical practice LLC

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Hello, I am a solo pediatrician and have owned  my own practice (LLC) for 10 years. My wife is a pediatric nurse practitioner who works with me in the office. I was recently hospitalized and was curious to know if I could have my wife own part/most of the practice to continue it if anything happened to me. Can a non-MD (nurse or other employee) be an partner/owner of my medical LLC, and if so what percentage can she/he own? If not, what type of medical corporation will allow non-MD's to have ownership? 


Thank you, Mike

Unfortunately, according to Ohio law, the only persons that can have an ownership interest in your medical practice are others that are licensed to practice medicine.

There is no type of entity that would allow your wife to hold an ownership interest in a professional medical practice, because the same restriction on ownership would apply to each -- the state doesn't want a non-licensed person/non-physician owning an interest in a medical practice.

Thus, once you have passed on, your wife cannot own your practice (although many of the clients could be seen by her and she could certainly start her own private nurse practitioner clinic as long as she has a "collaborating" physician).

Your accept (by clicking the green "accept" button ) would be greatly appreciated. Although you have made a deposit, I cannot receive credit for my work without your accept. Thanks.
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