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What is the difference btwn Non-Profit & Not For Profit When

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What is the difference btwn Non-Profit & Not For Profit?
When filing for the above is it good nationwide or necessary to file in each state?
Can you file for trademark before a Non Profit/Not For Profit is given
How do you start this process?

I am building a Memorial Chapel on my 11 acres and need to have these questions answered.
Thanking you in advance for all your help!

Those are interchangeable terms: not for profit and nonprofit.


It is only necessary to file for organization in one state and then obtain a qualification as a non profit from the Internal Revenue Service.


Before that entity could get a trademark registered, it would need to legally exist. However, you could file for the trademark in your name first and then assign the rights to the trademark to the non profit after it is created.


Your accept (by clicking the green "accept" button) would be appreciated. Although you have made a deposit, I cannot receive credit for my work without your accept. Thanks.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

You are so knowledgeable I have more questions please.

I have 11 acres with a house; building a memorial chapel on part of the land; a friend of mine and I are doing this jointly. Since I own the land if something happens to me, do I need to have a contract for say 10 years for this Non Profit to carry on? How on taxes on a building with a Non Profit? Are they taxed at all? How do I tie this up so that in the event I pass away, it doesn't go to probate for my kids. Plus, my husband is in a nursing home(strokes and illness from Vietnam) on Medicaid; how do I keep them out of this deal (shelter it).

Thank you so very much!

A nonprofit can be perpetual and there generally are no members. succession of control can be set up to pass to your kids after your death.


Taxes generally aren't owed for ad valorem taxes on nonprofits either, but it varies from state to state.


These are more specific questions that would be more appropriate for you to discuss with a local attorney that could help you set up the nonprofit and your estate planning.


Your accept would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much!! If someone gives you a tip, do you get the full amnt or do you only get a portion? I want to give a tip for your knowledge and how you answered so quickly!

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