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I have trial pending in Harris County Texas on a claim that

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I have trial pending in Harris County Texas on a claim that has no support but has cost my corporation almost $27,000. The attorneys representing us claim that an additional $10,000 or more is likely to be added to the bill due to the trial prep and travel. When we refuse to accept that sum, they filed a motion to the county clerk of court for sanction to withdraw as counsel due to none payment.

QUESTION: Should I oppose the motion to withdraw or at least request that the pleadings filed to date remain active? If so, what steps are necessary besides hiring another law firm immediately? We do intend to pursue the counter claim suit seeking payment of fees and other sums, but doubt that the other party has any worth inasmuch as our attorneys have not received long overdue financial data requested in interrogatories.
Thank you for the post, has the firm seeking to withdraw actually submitted an invoice for payment, if so, when? What, if anything, has been paid to the law firm for its services?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

They have invoice monthly over the year for their services from Sept. 09 through May, 2010 and for July and August, 2010, totaling $24,285.38. We have made three payments to them totaling $11,147.11 for their invoicing through January 2010, which leaves a balance billed to us in the amount of $13,138.27. While we have told them that we will pay this balance we have questioned the additional $10,000 they will add for trial.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX now considered in default on the $13,138.27 per the terms of the retainer agreement?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX are currently in default, it would be difficult to argue against the motion to withdraw (the firm has a right to be compensated for the work performed thus far, and have reservation going forward if there is already a breach of the payment agreement). The pleadings filed to date would remain active even in the event of a withdrawal.
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