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Bought desktop computer at Frys, bad since day one (for real,

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Bought desktop computer at Fry's, bad since day one (for real, no BS), this is the 4th time in a row that I take it to their tech support desk to be fixed under the extender warranty that I bought with them. This is the 4th time I bring it in (I said to the tech), he said, don't worry, I'll try to check it good this time. -- When I ask when it will be ready he said: "it is going to be ready when I call you, not before" - then I asked for the manager, he said he's not in, I asked for the store manager, he said he'll give him my name and number to call me back -- nobody did. It has been 3 weeks, every time they take 1 month to give it back to me.... Is there something I can do?

Thank You


How did you pay for this computer?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
cash, have receipts

Well, I was hoping you would say a credit card, as that offers some nifty legal protections.


At this point, as many times as this thing has required service, I would consider demanding my money back. YOu didn't indicate when you bought it. If it was recently I would definately demand a refund. Your case really turns on how long you have had it.


A merchant has to deliver to you an item (nothwithstanding any other warranties) an item that is fit for the purpose for which it was intended. Further, their service under your extended warranty must be reasonable or you have received no consideration for the premium you paid.


I would send them a letter demanding a resoloution of your problem and a timeframe in which it will be resolved. Send the letter to the store manager via certified mail and copy the corporate headquarters.


If that fails to resolved it, you may have to sue them in small claims court for the value of the defective computer.


As far as the rude treatment, there isn't much you can do about that except no shop there again.


I hope this helps.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I had the computer for 8 months, have not used it at all since every time I bring it over it has the same problem (they #1replaced the motherboard, #2restored the system and #3reinstalling the system completly, and now I do not know what they are doing) I have not trying to fight the customer service, just the item I bought.

Thank You for the help. I'm very pleased with the answer.

I would seek a refund. You should not have this much trouble on a brand new computer.


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Have a good day.



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