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I need help. I am not sure how to write a MEMO . I need to

Resolved Question:

I need help. I am not sure how to write a "MEMO". I need to write a memo regarding hiring 20 new employees for a ne production line. I need to report to my district manager on what my plan is to work through the hiriging process to ensure compliance on local, state, and federal regulations on Equal Opportunity in the workplace. I need to write at least 2 pages on how these regulations will apply to my hiring process.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 8 years ago.



Assuming this is for acadmic purposes, the memo you are writing may include information about the law (what EEOC laws require at state and federal levels) but it is about how that law will apply to your situation. So, at its basic form this is only an informational memorandum.


Memo formats are always the same:


MEMORANDUM (all capital letters, centered at the top of the page)


skip two lines at least after "MEMORANDUM"



FROM: skip one line in between each of these




Then begin to write the memo by discussing what the memo is talking about. For example, in your case, something like this would work: "Twenty (20) new employees must be hired for a new production line. This memorandum discusses the various state and federal Equal Employment Opportuntiy (EEO) laws which affect the advertising, hiring, and employment of employees to assure the company does not violate any of these laws."


Then you can discuss the actual laws: what they say, what they cover, what they require.


Then you can talk about your process for advertising the job; interviewing for the job; and selecting employees for the job will work to avoid any illegal discrimination.


That is about it.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
But, do you know of any good websites that can lead me to ensure compliance on local, state, and federal regulations on Equal Opportunity in the workplace? I was unable to find any information on these items
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 8 years ago.



What is the state you are using?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 8 years ago.



You can find out about the Utah state employment discrimination laws by looking here (there is a link to the state version of the law on this page). The federal laws are all listed here.


Laws are not written so that they say "when interviewing you must do a, b, c and NOT do z, y, x". Instead, the law will be in rather broad terms, such as "an denial of opportunity, promotion, pay, or other benefit on the basis of age/religion/color/race/ethnicity/etc. is illegal." It is up to you as a student (normally, it would be an attorney in real life) to create a plan on how to advertise for a job, how to interview people, and then how to hire them so that everything done does NOT violate the law, but to determine if something violates the law you have to think it through. For example, if you put ads in newspapers are you sure those newspapers are distributed to people of all races or is that paper sold only in certain neighborhoods with limited ethnic or racial breakdowns? These are the types of questions one needs to ask.


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