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I hired Sears to come and put in new counter tops in my kitchen.

Resolved Question:

I hired Sears to come and put in new counter tops in my kitchen. They did a sub par job. Two days before the job was to be done the sub-contractor that sear hired to install the counter tops called me to inform me that they required my faucet at time of my install. I called sears and they assured me that someone from sears would be there with the faucet at time of installation. after four phone calls on installation day sears finally showed up with a faucet.   but they were unable to install the one I ordered because the sink they sold me and the faucet didn't go together. I got stuck with a faucet I didn't want because of there ignorance. I also received rude behavior over the phone. they left my old sink in my neighbors front yard. I told sears I wanted 30% off the job. What obligations does sears have to me? How should I handle this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 8 years ago.



When a retailer sells goods and then is responsible for getting them installed but the work is not quality or needs to be repaired, there may be a contract the parties signed which controls their rights in case of poor work and consumers should carefully review any contract or other agreement they may have signed to see what duties they and the seller may have, as well as any third parties which may have been hired to assist in the work. Also, depending on what a contract may include, a consumer may be able to try to seek payment from the seller for the cost to have the work performed redone properly and to have any costs paid to them for goods or services due to poor recommendations or due to a reliance on their expertise may also be returned. When a company and a consumer cannot reach any settlement agreement that is acceptable to both parties, then a consumer may try to contact their state's consumer protection office (normally a part of a state's Attorney General office) to see if they can help the consumer resolve the issue or the consumer may speak to an attorney in their state (or do both of these things) to see if the attorney can help them obtain a settlement they will pleased with or even help them file a court claim to have work redone and other damages cured, as well as to seek any other penalties or costs that are normally associated with poor installations. The NC Dept. of Justice's Consumer Protection can be reached here.


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