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I sell an install window coverings, I have a customer that

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I sell an install window coverings, I have a customer that wiil not pay me . Nothing makes her happy. Her and her husband play me back and forth betweem them on who should deal with me. I have offered to make all changes they desire but they wont respnd to me. They have been using the shades for a month, an I am affraid they will intentionally damage them. I dont want deal with any more. I just want to get paid. Thank you for any advise you can offer me, Joe

At some point Joe, you have to bite the bullet and demand payment.


If they refuse, you will need to sue them or take them to small claims court. A lawyer can help with this, and even do a demand letter for you, before bringing suit. (try to find one)


Of course if they are judgment proof, or file bankruptcy you might be out... Finally, since you have presumably added fixtures to real estate, I would have an attorney file a mechanics lien..



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for your advise! Can I file a mechanics lien if I am not a liscenced contractor. I only intsall blinds and drapes, so I am not required to have a contractors liscense. After this experience I am now going to get one.Thanks again, Joe