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I am starting a business where I offer a product at a ...

Customer Question

I am starting a business where I offer a product at a wholesale price for groups to sell as fundraisers, along with my services to make the fundraiser successful. I have a business license for the city and county where I live (working out of my home). Do I need to have a license for other counties or states where I offer these services and products? I live in Kenton County, Kentucky.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Business Law Expert replied 9 years ago.

Hello Customer,

The answer is most likely yes. Without a license you may be conducting business illegally. Most businesses need a county or city license. Some considerations might be:

  1. Determine if you need a compliance permit.
  2. Verify with your health insurance carrier if you need a National Standard Employer identifier number.
  3. Check if you need a special license to do business out of your home
  4. Check to see that the business name you have chosen is not already taken.
  5. Get a DBA by going to your local county clerk's office.
  6. Get a business license and a federal tax ID number.
  7. Open a business banking account in your business name.
  8. Get a seller's permit if you need one.
  9. Consider registering your trademark.'s Permit Me tool allows you to get a listing of federal, state and local permits, licenses, and registrations you'll need to run a business.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

The "expert" gave us information that we did not request and did not really answer the question we asked.

What we need to know is if we truly need to have a business license in every single community that we go to offer services. The business office is in our home, services will be managed there.

Expert:  Business Law Expert replied 9 years ago.

I am sorry for the vague answer and will try to go into more detail. Yes you are required to have a business license, not for every community but some form of state registration in the states that you are offering services. Businesses are required to comply with business license and business permit regulations. All businesses need some form of federal, state, county, or local business license, permit, and tax registration. Requirements vary by business activity and location. I am not an expert on each states requirements for doing business in a particular state. For more information you can go to


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