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SusanAthena, Master's Degree
Category: Business and Finance Homework
Satisfied Customers: 4332
Experience:  12 years experience consulting & management
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for "Susan" due

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for "Susan"

due date:Thursday night

thank you
Thanks for requesting me! I'll have these questions for you by your deadline.

Kind regards,
Thanks for requesting me!

Here's how I'd answer them.

Kind regards,

1. 0.3643

2. 0.0049

3. 0.17

4a B

(other questions not given)

5. 0.0228

6. 0.1043

7a 0.1669

(other questions not given)

8. 6.68%

It would be slightly, but not very, unusual.

9. 0.325

10. -2.05

11. 0.04

12. a) 69.61
b) 63.39

13. Mean: 87
SD: 3

14. 0.0711

It would be slightly, but not very, unusual.

15. Mean: 108
SD: 10.1989 (4 places) or 10.20 (to 2 places) (check the rounding requirements)

16. 0.8808

17. D

18. C

Only 1.8 people are expected to say no. Since that's less than 5, the normal approximation can't be used.

19. A

20. D
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have some questions ,,, and I was wonder if you can help me.

Hi. Thanks for requesting me!

Sorry - I'm not an expert in this kind of finance question. I'll opt out - hopefully another expert can assist.

Kind regards,