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For MBAGrad....due Tuesday A number of organizations have

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For MBAGrad....due Tuesday

A number of organizations have "zero tolerance" policies when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. If a company has such a policy, who decides what constitutes an act of sexual harassment? If an employee, male or female, reports that they have been the object of harassment, should the offending employee be immediately fired?

Here is a real example of such a situation. Jack works for a company as an analyst. The company has a zero tolerance policy on harassment. Susan is the staff assistant for the department where Jack works. Jack is in his 50s, married, with two teenage daughters. Susan is in her early 30s, also married, but with no children. She has been with the company in her current job for about three months. She and Jack have a normal working relationship - they have never had any social interactions beyond saying hello. On the day in question, Jack is in his office catching up on e-mail during lunch time, when Susan brings him a project file. There are several things she needs to explain to him, so she stands beside him to point them out. As she is standing there, she can read his computer screen, where there is an e-mail from his wife. The e-mail contains a funny, but risque joke that is meant to be shared just between the two of them. Susan reads the joke, turns bright red, and rushes out of Jack's office. Two hours later, the Director of H.R. shows up at Jack's office accompanied by two security guards. She hands Jack a letter telling Jack that he is fired for violating the company's sexual harassment policy. Jack is allowed ten minutes to pack his personal belongings in his briefcase, and then is escorted out of the building. He is given no chance to explain anything, no chance to ask questions. How do you feel about how Jack was treated? Does he have any rights here?
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There is no specific word count but I do think he at least wants one full page

OK, thanks for your reply.

I'll try to have this posted today.
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